The TN Group is starting its international expansion course with a brilliant on-boarding event for employees in Bangkok. The agency Söllner Communications is drawing on its years of experience to provide successful dramaturgy for the emotionally activating opening ceremony.





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On-boarding for the start of the global expansion course

The TN Group is the market leader for IT services and core banking systems in Thailand. A new branding from the ASEAN division was to accompany the start of the global expansion. Employees and selected stakeholders alike had to be informed about the benefits of ASEAN and motivated to make sustainable use of it.


Launch ceremony for the premiere of the new branding

An unveiling ceremony in a festive atmosphere with the entire Board of Directors conveyed the importance and significance of the new branding for the entire company. Top decision-makers presented results and goals and linked them directly with the tools of the new branding in the dramaturgy. Step by step, the employees were guided through the components of the new corporate identity in an entertaining and understandable way - from the corporate values, vision and mission to the new word/image brand and business equipment. The first inspection of the new office premises by the employees the next morning ensured that the freshly awakened spirit of new beginnings could move directly into the new workspace and that the fascination for one’s own company could be extended to the workplace.


How do you get what is probably the largest LED screen in Bangkok organised, set up and operational in the shortest possible time? This question was just one of the many challenges for our Far East events team. The coordination of the different premises between Europe and Thailand was done by the local Söllner Event Team. Their deft live direction and our event professionals’ many years of experience ensured the smooth technical basis on which the event dramaturgy could unfold its full emotive effect. Animated single players, film sequences and changing keynote speakers required a well-rehearsed event crew consisting of event technicians, event designers and local service providers, whose coordinated interaction ultimately led to a smooth process and glowing eyes of the participants.


Inspirational event dramaturgy creates a new spirit of optimism

The event conveyed a clear form of appreciation for what has been achieved so far and sharpened the senses for a new, joint brand presence. The emotive presentation of the new image embedded the advantages in the mindset of each employee and triggered identification, an air of optimism, and team spirit. The next day, the social channels were full of enthusiastic posts, demonstrating a successful interaction with the brand. And the most important thing was: Support for the expansion has increased. By strengthening the brand image, the employer brand could be pushed and important specialists could be recruited for the realisation of the expansion plans at the same time.

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